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Calendula Uses

Calendula Uses

The Amazing Calendula Uses: The Healing Marigold

The Calendula, or Pot Marigold, is a simply beautiful flower and we grow several varieties on our farm. Typically a deep orange or vibrant yellow, the Calendula hides some amazing healing powers. In the middle ages, the “Marygold”, was know for its healing virtues, and was sometimes called magical. Calendula uses typically focus on its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.  Below are the primary Calendula Uses as medicinal or herbal therapy:

  1.  Calendula as a treatment for cuts and scrapes.   Using calendula oil, calendula salve, or calendula cream for treating injured skin is a very common use.  It provides a soothing, natural, pain relieving treatment for cuts scrapes and bruises.
  2. Calendula for bug bites.  Calendula’s soothing properties help with bee stings and mosquito bites, soothing the bite by reducing inflamation.
  3. Calendula as a treatment for thrush.  Due to its anti-fungal properties, it has been used as a treatment for thrush.
  4. Calendula for diaper rash.  Soothing a baby’s bottom is a great use for Calendula creams and salves.
  5. Calendula for chafing.  Calendula is great for athletes that chafe during long distance events.
  6. Calendula for acne.  Calendula face washes are a great help in treating acne, due to their anti-bacterial and anti-inflammation qualities.  Here is a link to some research: NIH Calendula for Acne Research.
  7. Calendula for inflamed gums, mouth sores and sore throats.  Calendula teas and petals can be used to help treat mouth and throat issues.
  8. Calendula for diabetic sores, ulcers and wounds.  There has been quite a bit of research accomplished on the benefits of calendula sales an creams to help in healing woulds associated with diabetes.  You can read more here:  Calendula Wound Treatment Research
  9. Calendula for ear infections.  Calendula has been used to reduce the pain associated with ear infections.
  10. Calendula for vericose veins.  Salves and creams have been used successfully as a topical treatment for varicose veins.
Uses for calendula
Calendula Salve is a main way to apply it to the skin, and on of the main calendula uses

Calendula is usually applied as an oil, or combined with beeswax to make a calendula salve for the skin.  As you can see there are many uses for the Calendula plant and its medicinal properties.

Here are some additional links and research on this amazing plant and its typical uses: