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how to plant tulips

Tulip Planting Guide: Tips for an Amazing Tulip Bloom

How to Prepare a Planting Bed for Tulips & Container Tips

We love our tulips!! Do you know how best to plant those tulips for optimal blooms? Tulips, those iconic heralds of spring, originally hail from the mountainous regions of Turkey and Central Asia. These lovely blooms flourish in well-drained soil and enjoy a wintry chill. Whether you’re aiming for a garden filled with them or want a patio burst of color, preparing the ground … Read the rest

Growing tulips from bulbs

When Should You Plant Tulips?

How to plant tulips for success

Tulip bulbs should be planted in the fall or early winter, depending on your USDA hardiness zone. Whether they are early, mid-season, or late tulips, you can expect them to bloom anywhere from four to five weeks after their first shoots appear aboveground until your peonies do the same.

Tulips should be planted in the middle to late fall in most regions.
The optimal time to plant tulips is … Read the rest

Growing tulips from bulbs

Tulip Bulbs : Buying and Planting Quality Tulips

A Quick Guide on How to Grow Quality Tulips

Growing tulips can be fun and rewarding, and high quality flowers can be tracked down to the source and where you buy tulip bulbs. The quality and variety of the bulb matters, and tulips planted and grown from great stock will result in amazing tulip flowers in spring. In this post we will cover how to buy tulip bulbs, tools that will make bulb planting … Read the rest

Growing Tulips - planting guide

How to Plant Tulips: Planting Bulbs for Success

Tulips: How to Plant Guide

There is nothing that brings in Spring like a mass of beautiful tulips growing in your garden. But How do you plant tulips? Are there techniques to. make sure they thrive, bloom and return? Here is a quick Planting Tulips Guide for any gardener, with some tips and tricks.

How to Grow Tulips 101

Before you plant your tulips

Growing tulips is not super difficult, but there are a few … Read the rest

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