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Learn About Garden Tool Sets

Ok, I’ll admit, we just love our gardening tools.  But not just any garden tools, high quality gardening tools made of things like quality hardwood and stainless steel.   At Celtic, we use a wide variety of garden tools to work our farm and garden, and grow some amazing flowers.  We put all of our gardening tools through some hard work, and have figured out over time what lasts, and what doesn’t.  From Japanese Hori Hori Garden Tools for weeding, to dibbers that help us plant tubers and bulbs, we put any tool through a harsh treatment.  See and read about garden tool sets.

Choosing the Right Garden Tool Set

Choosing the Right Garden Tool Set

With so many different garden tools on the market, how do you choose the best gardening tool set? Here are some resources to help you pick the right gardening tools for you or as a gift.

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Garden Scissors: The New Favorite Tool

Garden Scissors: The New Favorite Tool

Garden scissors or snips are commonly used in Japan, and are very popular now across the globe for their simplicity and for what they add to the standard garden tool set, or gardening kit. Read more about this relatively new addition to your garden tools.

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The Hori Hori: Samurai in the Garden

The Hori Hori: Samurai in the Garden

Known as the Japanese Gardening Knife, this versatile tool pllays a solid role in any gardening set. Read more about this awesome garden tool, and why every gardener should have one in their tool shed or garage.

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Names of Gardening Tools

Names of Gardening Tools

Ok, so you need a little tutorial on gardening tool names and their usage? This primer will review all the garden tool set names and what they do. From trowels, to Hori Horis, you can find all the names of your mystery garden tools here.

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The Dibber: Simplest of All Garden Tools

The Dibber: Simplest of All Garden Tools

Also known as a seed planter or bulb planter, the dibber or dibble is a great addition to any gardener’s tool set. Read more about how to find a great dibber.

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You can see what we have to offer for gardening tool sets in our store here:

Or read some other resources about gardening tools below.

More Garden Tool Set Resources


Wheelbarrows: The Buying Guide

All About Wheelbarrows

The Wheelbarrow and History

A wheelbarrow is defined as a small vehicle with one wheel and two handles, used for carrying and moving materials such as soil, gravel, and mulch. It has been used for centuries to help with construction, gardening, and farming. The oldest archaeological evidence of a wheelbarrow dates back to the Han Dynasty in China (206 BC-220 AD). The traditional Chinese wheelbarrow was a wooden frame with a single … Read the rest

how to pick gardening tools

Which Garden Tools to Use?

Garden Tools & Their Uses

How do I choose the right gardening tools? Gardening is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and get some exercise. But it can be hard to know which garden tools to use for different tasks. With the right tools, gardening can be a fun and rewarding experience. Here, we’ll look at seven essential garden tools and their uses.

The hand cultivator is a great tool for loosening and aerating … Read the rest

best christmas gifts for gardeners

5 Best Holiday Gifts for a Gardener

Best Gifts for Gardening

What is the best gift for a gardener? It changes every year, but here are some great gift ideas for the gardener in your life.

  1. The Gardening Belt – our best selling gardening gift, garden belts are an amazing gift. What gardener doesn’t need an extra pair of hands when out in the yard.
amazing garden tool belt
One of our top gardening gifts: The Gardener’s Tool Belt

2. The Gardening Gift BoxesRead the rest

which pruner shears

Pruner Shears: Choosing the Right Tools for Pruning

Are you using the right pruning tools?

Choosing the Best Pruning Tools

As a gardener, pruning is one of the top chores for keeping your landscape and garden beautiful and healthy. When it comes to pruning shears and tools, are you using the right ones? Here is a quick overview of what to use, and a pruning tool guide that can be handy for your current tool set, and for any gardener looking to … Read the rest

what garden tools to buy

The Gardening Tool List: Must Have Handtool Sets for a Gardener

Tools Every Gardener Should Have

so one of the common questions we get is “What are the best gardening tools for a new gardener, and experienced Gardner, or Master gardener?” Of course there are million different options, and with gardening becoming such a Common hobby tool manufacturers are coming out with new tools and options nearly every day. As a master gardener I love my tools, I love gadgets and I like to bring neat … Read the rest

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