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Watering Lance

haws watering wand

The Gardener’s Magic Wand: The Magic of a Haws Watering Lance

A Watering Wand for Generations

As gardeners, we all know how the right tools can elevate the simple task of gardening into a truly delightful and enriching experience. When it comes to the chore of watering plants, it’s the Haws Watering Lance that takes the crown for being a versatile, reliable, and indispensable tool. It’s more than just an instrument; it’s a means to spread love, life, and vibrancy in our gardens. And to use … Read the rest

garden watering wand or lance

The Garden Water Wand (Lance)

Ok, I’ll admit, I love new garden tools, and I recently ordered a watering lance for certain areas on the farm that aren’t yet on irrigation. This one is a winner, and its fun and functional.

Garden Watering Challenges

We have a fairly diverse garden and planting area with all types of soil, density and coverage. With an array of pot sizes and planting strategies, watering with just the hose tip or a store bought … Read the rest

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