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Learn About Garden Tool Sets

Ok, I’ll admit, we just love our gardening tools.  But not just any garden tools, high quality gardening tools made of things like quality hardwood and stainless steel.   At Celtic, we use a wide variety of garden tools to work our farm and garden, and grow some amazing flowers.  We put all of our gardening tools through some hard work, and have figured out over time what lasts, and what doesn’t.  From Japanese Hori Hori Garden Tools for weeding, to dibbers that help us plant tubers and bulbs, we put any tool through a harsh treatment.  See and read about garden tool sets.

Choosing the Right Garden Tool Set

Choosing the Right Garden Tool Set

With so many different garden tools on the market, how do you choose the best gardening tool set? Here are some resources to help you pick the right gardening tools for you or as a gift.

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Garden Scissors: The New Favorite Tool

Garden Scissors: The New Favorite Tool

Garden scissors or snips are commonly used in Japan, and are very popular now across the globe for their simplicity and for what they add to the standard garden tool set, or gardening kit. Read more about this relatively new addition to your garden tools.

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The Hori Hori: Samurai in the Garden

The Hori Hori: Samurai in the Garden

Known as the Japanese Gardening Knife, this versatile tool pllays a solid role in any gardening set. Read more about this awesome garden tool, and why every gardener should have one in their tool shed or garage.

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Names of Gardening Tools

Names of Gardening Tools

Ok, so you need a little tutorial on gardening tool names and their usage? This primer will review all the garden tool set names and what they do. From trowels, to Hori Horis, you can find all the names of your mystery garden tools here.

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The Dibber: Simplest of All Garden Tools

The Dibber: Simplest of All Garden Tools

Also known as a seed planter or bulb planter, the dibber or dibble is a great addition to any gardener’s tool set. Read more about how to find a great dibber.

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You can see what we have to offer for gardening tool sets in our store here:

Or read some other resources about gardening tools below.

More Garden Tool Set Resources

Hori Hori uses

The Hori Hori Knife: Your Spring Garden Companion

10 Ways to Utilize Your Japanese Gardener’s Knife

Ok, I I have to admit, the Hori Hori Garden knife has become my favorite tool over the past few years. Its flexibility and ease of use and the fact that it sits on my hip in its holster, mix it always available and ready for just about each war in the garden. Not to mention that’s a descendent of the samurai sword, and makes me feel … Read the rest

Growing tulips from bulbs

Tulip Bulbs : Buying and Planting Quality Tulips

A Quick Guide on How to Grow Quality Tulips

Growing tulips can be fun and rewarding, and high quality flowers can be tracked down to the source and where you buy tulip bulbs. The quality and variety of the bulb matters, and tulips planted and grown from great stock will result in amazing tulip flowers in spring. In this post we will cover how to buy tulip bulbs, tools that will make bulb planting … Read the rest

garden tool set

The Garden Tool Set

How to choose the right gardening gift set

It can be confusing…choosing the right set of gardening tools for your self or as a gift. Garden tool sets are aplenty on the internet, and it is ridden with cheap tools, plastic and ones that will rust in a matter of days. So here is a quick guide on choosing the best garden tool set, and making sure you get what you need for those … Read the rest

bulb planting tools for tulips, daffodils, hyacinth and crocus

The Bulb Planter – Tools for Planting Bulbs

Fall and Spring Bulb Planters for Your Garden

Planting bulbs is one of my favorite chores on the farm and in our flower gardens. But ask any gardener “What is the best tool for planting fall and spring bulbs?” and you will get a different answer from everyone you ask. Here are some quick questions to ask before we review each of the tool types:

What Type of Bulbs Are You Planting?

With a large … Read the rest

Best Pruner Shears

Pruner Shears – Finding the Best Pruners for You

What makes the best hand pruners, and how to buy ones that are right for you.

We have been through a lot of different pruner shears in our time gardening and on the farm here at Celtic. And I can tell you, there is nothing worse than using a bad set of hand pruners all day. What are some of the key problems with pruners? How can you avoid them and. find the best prunersRead the rest

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