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Finding That Unique and Special Gardening Gift

First off, just who are we to advise you on how to choose a gardening gift?  We are just two flower lovers who started their own small flower farm in the Sierra Nevada Foothills of California.  Over the years we figured out what works and definitely what does not.  We were frustrated with the lack of high quality, useful and attractive gifts for planters and gardeners.  So we started selling what we used and tested, and the rest is history.  Today we have thousands of customers who have either given great gardening gifts from our site or treated themselves to an amazing gardening tool, apron, belt or any of the other garden items we sell.

Need a unique gift for a gardener?  Want that special gardening gift that someone will love?  We have a great, broad and unique set of gardening gifts to delight any gardener on the planet.  From Hori Hori Garden Tools to Garden Snips, Scissors and Secateurs, Pruners, Aprons, Garden Tool Sets and more.  The best part? We use what we sell on our 2 acre flower farm to produce beautiful flowers.    Here are some of our categories:

If you are just getting started in your hunt for gifts, you may want to read or  browse our articles and posts for more insight into finding that perfect gift for the gardener in your life, or for you.

Our Articles on the Best Gifts for a Gardener

Garden Dibbler Dibber

My New Favorite Tool: The Garden Dibber/Dibbler

The Garden Tool Used For Centuries With Many Names (Dibble, Dibbler, Dibber)

We’ve all used many different things to make holes in the ground for seeds or bulbs. I know I have. Nothing has been off limits: a stick, screwdriver, dowel, shovel handle, and yes, even a finger. But a dibber, also known as a Garden Dibberdibbler or dibble, is a unique garden tool made for this very purpose. Its first recorded use was back … Read the rest

unique and uncommon gardening gifts

Unique, Beautiful & Uncommon Gifts for Gardeners

A Quick Guide to Finding That Unique and Rare Special Gardening Gift

Gardening gifts can be a challenge, and finding that “special, one of a kind” gift can be a special challenge. First off, what does unique mean to you? Is it that handmade garden dibble set, or a Japanese Hori Hori Garden Knife? Maybe it’s a lovely garden gift box? Read on for some tips on finding the best unique garden gift for the … Read the rest

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