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Harvesting and collecting snapdragon seeds

Collecting Snapdragon Seeds

A Guide to Harvesting Snapdragon Seeds

Snapdragons are a favorite in the garden, and they provide a wonderful vertical element to any landscape or raised garden bed. They are prolific seeders, and Snapdragon seeds will self sow if left to fall. The seeds are easy to harvest, and can provide you with a bounty to spread throughout you landscape and gardening early spring.

Harvesting or collecting snapdragon seeds
Seed pods from the Snapdragon flower

Here are some quick steps to gather and collect you Snapdragon seed pods:

  1. As the growing season ends, and you move into Fall, your Snapdragons will turn from green to brown.
  2. Identify a brown stalk and clip a few with gardening scissors or a sharp set of garden pruners/shears.
  3. Once you gather your brown stalks, organize a flat surface on which to work. Layout some sheets of white paper on the surface. The paper will help gather any snapdragon seeds that fall during handling, and provide a way to herd the seeds later.
  4. Look for the seed pods on the stalk, and snap them off. They are hard to miss, they look like little round faces.
  5. Once you have a pile of the snapdragon seed pods, grab a plastic cup or container to hold your seeds temporarily.
  6. Take the pod and roll it in between your thumb and forefinger until it cracks. The little black seeds will fall out onto the paper or into your container. You will be surprised at the number of seeds Snapdragons produce.
  7. Grab a seed collecting envelope, and be sure and put the date collected, the type of seed and then seal it and wait for early spring before you plant your Snapdragon seed.
harvesting snapdragon seeds
Harvested Snapdragon seeds from the broken seed pod

If you have questions, shoot us a note. You can also watch a video version of this article here:

Gathering Snapdragon Seed Pods

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