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why are my tomato flowers falling off

Tomato Blossom Drop

Why are my tomato flowers falling off?

What Are the Causes? How to Prevent Tomato Blossom Drop

Tomato Blossom drop is a common tomato growing issue that can be extremely aggravating for home gardeners. Flower blossoms appear on healthy-looking tomato plants, but they dry up and fall off the plant before a fruit is formed. Blossom drop can be caused by a wide variety of factors, the most common of which are excessively high or … Read the rest

which pruner shears

Pruner Shears: Choosing the Right Tools for Pruning

Are you using the right pruning tools?

Choosing the Best Pruning Tools

As a gardener, pruning is one of the top chores for keeping your landscape and garden beautiful and healthy. When it comes to pruning shears and tools, are you using the right ones? Here is a quick overview of what to use, and a pruning tool guide that can be handy for your current tool set, and for any gardener looking to … Read the rest

raised bed gardens

Planting Raised Bed Gardens: 8 Tips

Soil for raised beds and more

Let’s talk about the truth and advantages of raised bed gardening. Of course our traditional in-ground gardens are wonderful, but raised bed gardens have something special to offer any gardeners: they allow you to grow more food in less space, tailor your soil precisely to the needs of your plants, and reduce the amount of space for weeds to grow wild. They can add a beautiful aesthetic to … Read the rest

drying lavender

Drying Lavender

How to harvest and dry lavender

We grow and dry lavender at a large scale here at Celtic Farm, and have an absolute love affair with these plants. We grow Provence and Grosso varieties, known for their beautiful long stems and fragrant blooms. Lavender is attractive and aromatic out in the field or garden, but don’t stop there. This lovely plant has several applications in the house, the most of which begin with dried lavender. … Read the rest

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