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how to water garden plants

Watering Plants in Your Yard: Ten Tips

How To Water Plants in Your Yard: The Good, Bad and Ugly

Water is essential for all plants to thrive, as we learned in our first middle school science class. However, you may be surprised to learn that using the wrong watering methods might make your plants sick or even kill them. Read these 10 tips to keeping plants healthy and thriving throughout the year.

Hydrate your plants first thing in the morning!

Outdoor flowers … Read the rest

Hori Hori uses

The Hori Hori Knife: Your Spring Garden Companion

10 Ways to Utilize Your Japanese Gardener’s Knife

Ok, I I have to admit, the Hori Hori Garden knife has become my favorite tool over the past few years. Its flexibility and ease of use and the fact that it sits on my hip in its holster, mix it always available and ready for just about each war in the garden. Not to mention that’s a descendent of the samurai sword, and makes me feel … Read the rest

techniques for environmentally friendly weeding

Weeding 101: Weed Control Methods

The Weed Killer – Strategies for Your Garden

What is your overall strategy for killing weeds? If you are like my past self, you just went the easy, maybe not so easy, way of just dealing with weed issues in the moment. In this post, I’ll talk about creating a broader strategy for controlling weed in your garden and on your property through combined methods and a proactive overall strategy. If you haven’t read … Read the rest

seed starter mix

Seed Starter : Making Your Own

For Seed Starting Trays and Pots

Here at Celtic Farm, we start tons of seed in the cold of winter to jump start our flower seedlings and grow some finicky varieties that don’t do well with direct seeding (Like lisianthus and foxglove). Making your own seed starter mix is easy and can save you some money, as well as giving you control over seed growth.

For every gardener and farmer, you will have an opinion … Read the rest

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