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weeding and weeds

Weeding: Knowing Your Enemy

Weeding and Weed Control Part 1

For a gardener or farmer, controlling the germination and growth of weeds is paramount to our success. Weeding and weed control have become a chore, dare I say war, that we fight every day in the garden. In this series of posts, I’ll cover all aspects of weeding, and hopefully provide some insight on gaining the upper hand on this evel that sprouts in our midst ;).

What is

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Unique and Different Valentines Gift

Unique Valentine’s Day Gift

A Unique Valentine’s Gift For Her or Him

Unique Gifts for Valentine’s Day are hard to find. If you search for them online, it’s like a bad nightmare: stuffed animals, cheesy mugs, candy in plastic, and on and on. Here at Celtic Farm, we love and grow flowers, and offer a special and unique Valentine’s Day gift that can be remembered for years to come: Our Tulip Buckets. We pack them with special Darwin Hybrid … Read the rest

soil structure

Garden Soil Structure: Why It Is Important

Soil Structure is A Key To Healthy Plants

Soil texture and structure are the most important criteria for the success and health of your garden and landscaping. The porosity and soil makeup affect its water retention and movement, ability to provide air to the roots, ease of root growth and the absorption of nutrients. Very few gardeners consider the soil’s structure and focus more on its texture (Soil Texture Article). In fat, soil … Read the rest

how to propagate dahlias

Propagating Dahlias: Video Guide

Splitting Dahlia Tubers

Splitting Dahlia tubers is a simple and easy method of multiplying your plants and keeping true to the parent variety. You can divide your dahlias in fall or spring (I prefer spring), and if you have the space, you can make it even easy by pre-sprouting them.

Here is what you will need:

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garden knee pads

The Garden Kneeler: A Friend in the Garden

Garden Knee Pads, Garden Kneelers and Benches

Spending log hours in the garden is what I love to do, but wet knees covered with dirt and sore knee caps just doesn’t cut it. A garden kneeler can protect your clothes and provide a soft landing in rocky or bark covered gardens. There are a number of products on the market, and depending on your needs, it can be hard to find the right kneeler. Here … Read the rest

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