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raised bed gardens

Planting Raised Bed Gardens: 8 Tips

Soil for raised beds and more

Let’s talk about the truth and advantages of raised bed gardening. Of course our traditional in-ground gardens are wonderful, but raised bed gardens have something special to offer any gardeners: they allow you to grow more food in less space, tailor your soil precisely to the needs of your plants, and reduce the amount of space for weeds to grow wild. They can add a beautiful aesthetic to … Read the rest

drying lavender

Drying Lavender

How to harvest and dry lavender

We grow and dry lavender at a large scale here at Celtic Farm, and have an absolute love affair with these plants. We grow Provence and Grosso varieties, known for their beautiful long stems and fragrant blooms. Lavender is attractive and aromatic out in the field or garden, but don’t stop there. This lovely plant has several applications in the house, the most of which begin with dried lavender. … Read the rest

Planting and growing lavender

Planting Lavender

How to Grow Lavender: The Guide

Here on Celtic Farm we grow a large field of beautiful lavender, and the harvest has become one of our favorite events each year. We have learned quite a bit from our experience, and have outline a Guide for Planting and Growing Lavender below.

Lavandin (Lavandula)
Lavender is an excellent and hardy perennial flower that attracts butterflies, bees, and other pollinators to your garden. This Mediterranean native is now … Read the rest

what garden tools to buy

The Gardening Tool List: Must Have Handtool Sets for a Gardener

Tools Every Gardener Should Have

so one of the common questions we get is “What are the best gardening tools for a new gardener, and experienced Gardner, or Master gardener?” Of course there are million different options, and with gardening becoming such a Common hobby tool manufacturers are coming out with new tools and options nearly every day. As a master gardener I love my tools, I love gadgets and I like to bring neat … Read the rest

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