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trimming and pruning lavender

How to Prune Your Lavender

Pruning Your Lavender Bush to Ignite Growth

Pruning your lavender is critical to plant health and the longevity of the plant. When proper care is applied to your plants, lavender can last upwards of 20 years! Pruning is required, and there is definitely a technique you must follow. Without this annual care, your lavender will grow long and lanky, and typically split. Here are the steps:

Steps for Pruning Lavender Varieties

  1. Look for the woody
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Lavender Farm

Our Lavender Farm

Celtic Farm’s Lavender

Lavender is one of our favorite flowers, and we grow it in abundance in our lavender farm section of our property. We grow several varieties, but mostly Grosso and Provence, known for their long stems and absolutely gorgeous lavender flowers. We sell our lavender fresh, in dried bunches, and the wonderfully scented buds to the public through our shop harvested, wrapped and shipped from our lavender farm.

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