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guide to peat moss

Peat Moss – A Gardener’s Best Friend

The What, Where, How, When and Why of This Amazing Garden Amendment

You’ve probably seen the bags at your garden store, or the big burly bags on the neighbors sidewalk or near a planter, and wondered why are they using peat moss? As it turns out this byproduct of the decaying plants is an amazing amendment for your garden and landscape.

Peat moss is one of the most valuable resources out there for gardeners. … Read the rest

soil structure

Garden Soil Structure: Why It Is Important

Soil Structure is A Key To Healthy Plants

Soil texture and structure are the most important criteria for the success and health of your garden and landscaping. The porosity and soil makeup affect its water retention and movement, ability to provide air to the roots, ease of root growth and the absorption of nutrients. Very few gardeners consider the soil’s structure and focus more on its texture (Soil Texture Article). In fat, soil … Read the rest

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