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Sunflower Facts

Botanical Name: Helianthus
Plant Type: Perennial or Annual
Bloom Time: Mid-summer to fall
Best Location: Full Sun
Soil: Well-drained, rich, deep and moist
Diseases: Crown gall, leaf spot, mildew, stem rot
Pests: Aphids, beetles
Propagation: Seeds
Zone: 5-9

All About Sunflowers

The Sunflower, or Helianthus, is a genus of plants with about 70 species and resides in the family Asteraceae.  It is know for its vibrant beauty and striking colors, along with its symmetry.  All sunflowers are native to North America, with the exception of 3 species that reside within South America.  The domesticated sunflower, also know as H. annus, is the most familiar and popular of the species, and is an annual.  There are perennial versions of sunflowers, but they are quite invasive, and grow rapidly do to the high amount of seeds the flower heads produce.  Sunflowers can be quite tall, up to 10 ft, and bear one or more flower heads of varying colors (Yellow, Red, Chocolate, mixed, etc.). The heads produce a large number of seeds that are harvested as food, or can be processed for their oil.  
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