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The Best Charcuterie Boards

The Best Charcuterie Board

3 Characteristics To Examine When Purchasing a Board

Charcuterie boards have become popular lately in the US and across the globe. At the Celtic Farm, we prepare these meat and cheese boards several times a week for a light and simple dinner. Easy to make, easy to prepare and easy to pack up for later charcuterie is convenient and enjoyable for entertaining. Originating in the 15th century in France, it literally translates as “meat cooked.”

But charcuterie is all about the experience, a shared meal, and gathering with friends, family and good food and drink. A board with character and the right size and material can contribute to the experience. Here are some key characteristics to note:

The Best Charcuterie Material – let’s face it, wood is what you want, and makes up the best material for charcuterie boards. Hardwood is best, as it has a tighter pore structure, is easy to clean and resists meat oils and use as a cutting surface when cheese or rolled meets are presented. We use hard maple in our boards to make them durable and beautiful. Maple also allows for the application of board balm (mineral oil and beeswax), which preserves and lengthens the life of your tray.

Wood is the Best Material for Charcuterie Boards

Charcuterie Shape and Size – charcuterie boards come in all types of shapes: round, square, rectangular, oval and more. There are long ones, skinny ones, fat ones…you get the gist. Ask yourself how it will be used. Large parties? Intimate evenings? Personal service? Full table? If you love charcuterie, more than one is always great!

Handle Or No Handle? – a serving handle on your meat and cheese board is functional and adds a little style and flare. For larger boards, it helps in maneuvering and placement of the board in larger groups. Most handles also have a hole for hanging and compact storage which is a plus.

Just a few thoughts to help in your selection. See our popular American Maple charcuterie collection by clicking below.

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