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edible companion plant table

Vegetable Companion Planting Reference

Companion Planting for Edible Crops

Crop Compatible companions Incompatible
Asparagus tomato, parsley, basil  
Beans most vegetables and herbs onion, garlic, gladiolus
Beans, bush Irish potato, cucumber, corn, strawberry, celery, summer savory onion family
Beans, pole corn, summer savory, radish onion, beets, kohlrabi, sunflower
Beets cabbage and onion families, lettuce pole beans
Cabbage family aromatic herbs, celery, beets, onion family, chamomile, spinach, chard dill, strawberry, pole beans, tomato
Carrots English peas, lettuce, rosemary, onion family, sage, tomato dill
Celery onion and cabbage families, tomato, bush beans, nasturtium  
Corn Irish potato, beans, English peas, pumpkin, cucumber, squash tomato
Cucumber beans, corn, English peas, sunflowers, radish Irish potato, aromatic herbs
Eggplant beans, marigold  
Lettuce carrot, radish, strawberry, cucumber  
Onion family beets, carrot, lettuce, cabbage family, summer savory beans, English peas
Parsley tomato, asparagus  
Peas, English carrots, radish, turnips, cucumber, corn, beans onion family, gladiolus, Irish potato
Potato, Irish beans, corn, cabbage family, marigolds, horseradish pumpkin, squash, tomato, cucumber, sunflower
Pumpkins corn, marigold Irish potato
Radish English peas, nasturtium, lettuce, cucumber hyssop
Spinach strawberry, fava beans  
Squash nasturtium, corn, marigold Irish potato
Tomato basil, onion family, nasturtium, marigold, asparagus, carrot, parsley, cucumber corn, Irish potato, fennel, cabbage family
Turnip English peas Irish potato

Source: Edible Landscaping Handbook, Companion Planting Chart for Home & Market Gardening, pg 15, prepared for the UCCE Master Gardener Program by the California Center for Urban Horticulture, UC/Davis. Original Source: ATTRA (Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas) Companion Planting: Basic Concepts & Resources.

edible companion planting reference