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A checklist for the winter garden in December

Things to Do in the Garden In December

A Checklist for Winter in the Garden

As Winter wraps us in her cold arms, there are still many things that need to be done to provide the best garden results when we usher in Spring. If you don’t have a Winter Garden Checklist, here are some things to consider and complete.

  1. Order Seeds. Ok, why not do the most enjoyable thing right away. If you are like me, you have a ton of seed catalogs piled up, just waiting to be dog-eared and marked. Start your garden plan, and order any seeds and spring bulbs you might care to plant. There a number of flower seeds you can sow in January (Delphinium, Calendula, Bachelor Buttons, etc.), so plan and sow!
  2. Prune your bushes and trees. If you have not already done so, prune and shape your roses, lavender, fruit trees, etc. The lack of leaves makes it easier to shape and find dead branches. (We have a great pruner for all types of chores: Best Stainless Steel Pruners for the Garden)
  3. Feed Your Garden Friends. We love our birds, and feeding them year round can pay great dividends in natural pest control come growing season. The lack of food in the winter makes any bird feed a welcome gift for your feathered friends.
  4. Dig up any remaining tubers. Here in California, our Dahlias don’t die back until mid to late December. Any tubers that remain in the ground that you want to divide and propagate. Dig them up, pack them and store them until spring.
  5. Garden Tool Maintenance. We love our tools sharp and clean, and winter is the perfect time to put your tools to sleep fresh and clean. You can read more on garden tool maintenance here: Care and Maintenance of Garden Tools.
  6. Protect delicate plants. Certain plants just don’t do well with harsh winter cold. For dahlias left in the ground, apply an additional layer of mulch or straw, for tree like citrus, cover them with burlap or an insulating material.
  7. Hydrangea treatment. Want a pleasant surprise in Spring? Change the pH in your hydrangea soil and see the beauty of blue or pink, depending on your preference. You can read more here: Changing Hydrangea Color
  8. Plan a New Garden. Here at Celtic Farm, we are always planning, planting and shuffling. Last year we put in a new lavender field. This year we are adding some growing areas and landscaping around our new storage barn/shed.

Definitely not a complete list, but some things we are working on right now I thought I would share this to do list for the winter garden.

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