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how to bring in ladybugs

How To Attract Ladybugs to my Garden?

What attracts ladybugs and keeps them in your plot

Ladybugs, with their polka-dot wings and voracious appetites for pests, are a fantastic organic solution for protecting your garden from unwanted guests like aphids, mealybugs, and mites. Attracting and convincing these adorable beetles to settle down in your garden can be a bit tricky, though, as they tend to take flight and explore new areas. Many gardeners purchased these little beasts online, and release them only … Read the rest

beneficial garden insects

The Unseen Allies: Beneficial Insects in Your Garden

Your garden bug army

Gardening, a passion nurtured by many, is a fine balance between art and science. While the vibrant colors, beautiful shapes, and alluring scents may catch your eye, the invisible dynamics of a healthy garden ecosystem are what truly make your garden flourish. Today, we are going to shine a spotlight on these unseen allies – the beneficial insects that inhabit our gardens.

What are Beneficial Insects?

In the intricate web of … Read the rest

attracting birds to the garden

Delightful Feathered Friends: Top Techniques to Attract Birds to Your Garden

Birds in the Garden

If you’re an avian aficionado or just a lover of all things nature, attracting birds to your garden can be a rewarding and enchanting endeavor. The melodious chirping, the flutter of wings, and the vibrant splash of color can infuse life and energy into your green oasis. But how do you make your garden a go-to spot for these delightful feathered creatures? Let’s dive in!

Understand Your Local Bird Species

Before … Read the rest

List of Beneficials

Beneficials: Guide to Friendly Insects in the Garden

Part 1: Types of Beneficials to Help Gardeners

When we first started flower gardening, we had no concept of beneficial insects, and the role they can play in the constant battle against bad actors in your garden. We quickly learned that we could encourage the homesteading of lady bugs, praying mantis, bees, spiders, dragon flies and others.


plural noun

ben·​e·​fi·​cials | \ ˌbe-nə-ˈfi-shəlz  \

: organisms (such as ladybugs, lacewings, and bacteria) that

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