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10 great gifts for gardeners

10 Great Gardening Gift Ideas for Spring

Best gifts for gardeners

Spring is the perfect time to start gardening, and if you have a friend or family member who is passionate about it, you may be wondering what to get them as a gift. Whether they’re a seasoned gardener or just starting out, here are ten of the best gifts for a gardener in spring.

  1. Gardening tools: A good set of gardening tools is a must-have for any gardener. Look for high-quality
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propagating plants

Who Wants More Plants? Propagating to Expand Your Garden

Making more plants with these methods

Who doesn’t want more of their favorite plants? Propagating from your garden is a fun and fulfilling way to spend your time and expand your garden. If you love to tinker, and want to path to more of your favorite plants flowers and more, this is a quick overview of five ways you can propagate plants in your garden.

Propagation of plants is the process of multiplying your plants, … Read the rest

garden watering tips

How To: Watering Plants with a Watering Can

Are you watering your plants correctly?

There is something therapeutic about walking around your garden with a quality watering can and giving your plants there needed moisture. It’s soothing, stress relieving and enjoyable. But there’s a few tips and tricks to make sure you are not encouraging disease, watering incorrectly and directing the water to the right location.

Watering plants with a watering can is a great way to give your plants the hydration they … Read the rest

type of dahlias

Types of Dahlia Flowers: The 13

Dahlia types to please an gardener

Dahlias are our favorite flower here at Celtic Farm. Dahlias are a beautiful flower that come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making them a beloved choice for gardeners around the world. Today we’ll be exploring their origins and history, as well as giving an overview of the 13 types of dahlias. Dahlias are native to Mexico and Central America and were cultivated by the Aztecs over 1,000 … Read the rest

garden checklist for march

The March Garden To Do List

Springtime is almost here.

The March Garden Checklist — March is an exciting time for gardeners as the days become longer, warmer, and the winter chill subsides. To help you get your garden into shape this spring, here’s a checklist of 10 things to do in the garden in March:

  1. Prune shrubs and trees: Pruning is an important part of maintaining a healthy garden. In March, it’s best to prune shrubs and trees before new
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