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The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Gardening Soil: Get Your Garden Blooming

How to pick the right garden soil

Ah, remember the days when dirt was dirt? Just a medium to dig and play…my toys just changed from dump trucks to gardening tools ;). Here is a quick guide to soil for your garden, and how to buy the right soil for your gardening foundation.

Are you looking to create a lush, thriving garden that will make your neighbors green with envy? The key to any successful … Read the rest

about potting soil

Potting Soil FAQ

Q&A on Potting Soil

What is potting soil?
Answer: Potting soil is a medium used to grow plants in containers or pots. It is a lightweight, porous material made up of a combination of organic and inorganic components such as peat moss, sand, perlite, and other ingredients. The purpose of potting soil is to provide a suitable environment for root growth and to retain moisture and nutrients for the plants.

Is potting soil the same Read the rest

about potting soil

How to Pick the Best Potting Soil

All about potting soil

When it comes to successful gardening, there is one piece of the puzzle that is often overlooked- the soil. Picking the right potting soil is essential for any successful garden. Whether you’re growing vegetables, flowers, or houseplants, the right potting soil can make all the difference. To help you make an educated decision, we’ve put together a guide on how to pick the best potting soil.

Understanding Potting Soil

Before you … Read the rest

guide to peat moss

Peat Moss – A Gardener’s Best Friend

The What, Where, How, When and Why of This Amazing Garden Amendment

You’ve probably seen the bags at your garden store, or the big burly bags on the neighbors sidewalk or near a planter, and wondered why are they using peat moss? As it turns out this byproduct of the decaying plants is an amazing amendment for your garden and landscape.

Peat moss is one of the most valuable resources out there for gardeners. … Read the rest

what to do in the garden in fall

Fall Soil Enhancements

What to give your soil for a successful spring

When the gardening season comes to an end, the average gardener heads for the indoors to hibernate. However, experienced organic gardeners understand that fall is not the time to relax, but a time to work your soil. It is the most important season of the year for soil improvement. What should you put in your soil this fall? There are three types of organic nutrients: finished … Read the rest

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