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Gardening Aprons

Aprons for Gardeners and Florists

Let’s face it, most of the aprons online just don’t meet the demands of the gardener or florist.   We searched far and wide for one we could use on our farm and in our shop, and decided to share it with the gardening world!

Our gardening aprons are our most popular item in our store, and are high quality waxed canvas with just the right number of apron pockets to carry everything you will need in the garden.

We carry a wide variety of colors, and our unique adjustable straps will fit any size.  You can read more in the article below, or shop our store now.

See Our Gardening Aprons


Florists Apron for the Garden

Garden/Florists Apron FAQ

Questions About Gardener’s and Florists Aprons

The Gardener’s or Florist’s Apron is a favorite here at the farm, also called a garden smock, it is an easy way to make sure you have all you need in the garden, on the farm or in the florists shop. With handy pockets for all the gardener or florist has to store, and a layer of protection for clothes, it it a must have for every day use. … Read the rest

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