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Gardening or Florists Apron with Pockets

Aprons for Florists, Flower Gardeners and Flower Farmers

The Best Gardening Apron

From our Farm and Shop to You

In our opinion the florist’s/gardener’s apron is an accessory every flower lover, florist or gardener should own.  When in the flower shop, in the field or just in your garden, the florist’s apron provides storage, convenience and a flare of style.

Qualities of our gardener’s + florist’s apron:

  • Made of water shedding waxed canvas apron material
  • Cross back strap fitting system to avoid neck strain
  • Pockets sized for florist and garden tools 
  • 6 amazing cute apron colors
  • Washable and durable

Below are some great posts about aprons, what to look for when buying, and who will love the apron as a gift.  You can also buy our most popular waxed canvas apron below in a variety of great colors.

Apron for Gardeners and Florists

Florists Apron Used On Our Farm

A note about our canvas garden and flower shop apron:

This is an apron chosen by farmer/florists, for farmer florists.  We see our gardener’s and florists apron as one of our best partners in the garden, field and flower shop.   We tested aprons from 20 different suppliers to bring you the best quality florist’s apron / garden apron we could find, and the same one we use here at Celtic Farm.

Florists Apron for the Garden

5 Things Every Florist’s Apron Needs

Not Every Florist’s Apron is Created Equal

There are a lot of poor quality florist’s aprons out there in the market, and when arranging flowers in a shop or in the field, the flower trade can be demanding: dirt, water, coffee ;). A high quality apron can be a decent investment, and you want it to last, protect your clothing and most of all make your duties easy by having what you need easily accessible. … Read the rest

Florists Apron for the Garden

Garden/Florists Apron FAQ

Questions About Gardener’s and Florists Aprons

The Gardener’s or Florist’s Apron is a favorite here at the farm, also called a garden smock, it is an easy way to make sure you have all you need in the garden, on the farm or in the florists shop. With handy pockets for all the gardener or florist has to store, and a layer of protection for clothes, it it a must have for every day use. … Read the rest

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