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Propagating Dahlias

how to propagate dahlias

Propagating Dahlias: Video Guide

Splitting Dahlia Tubers

Splitting Dahlia tubers is a simple and easy method of multiplying your plants and keeping true to the parent variety. You can divide your dahlias in fall or spring (I prefer spring), and if you have the space, you can make it even easy by pre-sprouting them.

Here is what you will need:

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dig up dahlias

Dig Up Dahlias: Why, When,What and How

How To Dig Up Your Beautiful Dahlias

Ok, ok, I have to admit, Dahlias are my favorite flowers in the garden, and I love to dig them up in early to mid-winter. Digging up your dahlias can create a bunch of questions and here are some answers based on our trials and tribulations over the years here at Celtic Farm.

Why do you dig up Dahlia tubers?

Well, the short answer depends on where you … Read the rest

How to grow dahlias from. seed

Growing Beautiful Dahlias from Seed – A Guide

Christmas in the Spring – Dahlias From Seed

Last year was the first year we grew dahlias from seed and I am hooked! This method of dahlia propagation is simple, and creates a great surprise in spring as the dahlia seed turn into amazing flowers. Why? Dahlia seeds are not true to the mother plant, so every seed is a new and unique variation. You never know what kind you will get! The only way … Read the rest

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