Raised Bed Garden

Raised Bed Garden

how to build a raised bed garden

Our Guides On The Raised Bed Garden

Raised Bed Gardening

Raised bed gardens provide an environment to thrive.

There are so many benefits to raised bed gardens.  Having total control of your little garden ecosystem: the size, the soil, the chemistry, the water and topping.  This let’s you grow and maintain the perfect conditions for your selected plants, and modify for your climate and desired end results in the garden.  Raised beds can also provide a small gardening area for those living in apartments, or with small back yards.  We have a large number of raised beds in our cottage garden, and use raised bed garden techniques to enhance our flower growing efforts in areas with less than
optimal soil makeup.   We have written an entire series on the subject, and hopefully you find the following articles of use.

Soil in the raised garden bed

Raised Beds and Soil

What Type of Soil To Put in Your Raised Bed

This post is a continuation of our raised bed series with all you need to know about raised bed gardening. So, you’ve built your raised bed, and its sitting empty, just waiting for soil so you can begin planting. What you put in your bed is extremely important to the health and longevity of your plants. Soil supports plant growth by providing 5 core items:… Read the rest

raised bed wall materials

Choosing a Raised Bed Material

What Material Should I Use?

This is the second post in a series on raised bed gardens (First post here: Benefits of Raised Garden Beds). The best thing about raised beds is that you can use just about anything for walls. So how do you build garden box walls? Here is a list of the typical materials you can use.

Wood: The Typical Raised Bed

Creating a wooden raised bed is quite simple, and … Read the rest

Raised Bed Garden Benefits

The Raised Bed Garden: Benefits

How Raised Beds Can Change the Way You Garden


So just what is a raised bed? It is a volume of garden soil contained within a set of walls made of wood, stone, metal or concrete that rises above the normal soil level. It’s a popular method of creating a garden space, but has many benefits.

The Benefits of the Raised Garden

Why go to all the extra effort to build a raised bed Read the rest

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