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Gardening Gift Boxes: 5 Considerations When Choosing

How to Select the Right Gardener’s Gift Box

You’ve decided to give a gardening gift box to a loved one, but with so many options online, you just can’t decide what would be the best option as a planter’s gift. “Here is a quick Who, What, Where, When and Why” guide to matching the garden gift to the person.

Who is going to receive the gift box? Assuming you aren’t giving the gift box to yourself ;), take a second to evaluate the recipient. Are they a novice or experienced? Young or old? Flowers or vegetables? A good gift box can be tied not only to the type of gardener, but also to their personality.

What is in the box? I cannot express the importance of thought that goes into a great gardening gift box. There are so many gift sets that just make no sense are are obviously assembled by some buyer with no gardening experience. Smaller garden shops and online retailers that have gardeners on staff should be your preferred source. They will create thoughtful offerings that will have special meaning to any garden lover.

Where does your gardener garden? Is the gift recipient an indoor or outdoor gardener? Do they like containers or garden beds? In what planting zone do they reside? Planter’s boxes, especially those that contain seeds, bulbs or plants should be examined to make sure they will fit the gardener’s style and region.

When will you give the gift? To a gardener, season is everything. There are some gardening gifts that can be given at any time of the year, like tools,, and others that are seasonal. A seed collecting kit would be an example. Choose a gift to fit the season.

Why are you giving the gift box? There are many special occasions, and you can sometimes tailor the gift to a theme. Housewarming garden gifts can be different than a general gift for a birthday. Take some time to consider the Why.

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