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The Comprehensive Guide to Buying the Perfect Garden Shed

October 8, 2023

What to look for and where to buy a shed

Garden sheds are more than just storage spaces. They can be workshops, relaxation spots, or even the heart of your garden. If you’re contemplating investing in a shed, you’re about to embark on a journey that can significantly transform your garden experience. This comprehensive guide ensures you make an informed decision tailored to your needs.

Understanding the Purpose of Your Shed

Every great project starts with ‘why’. So, ask yourself why you need a garden shed.

1. Storage – If your primary goal is to declutter your garden, a basic shed might suffice. Consider the tools, machines, and garden furniture you own. Perhaps you have a bicycle, lawn mower, or BBQ equipment that needs a safe space.

2. Workshop – Keen gardeners might need a dedicated space for potting plants, starting seedlings, or working on DIY projects. If this sounds like you, think about workbenches, lighting, and maybe even some electricity outlets.

3. Garden Retreat – Maybe you’re envisioning a serene spot to read, paint, or even meditate. This kind of shed might need more windows, insulation, and comfort features.

Size A Defining Decision

The purpose often dictates the size. But remember, it’s not just about the present. Think about your future needs too.

1. Small Sheds (3×3 to 6×4 feet) – Perfect for minimal storage. They’re cozy, fit into tight spaces, and often budget-friendly. Great for basic tools, gardening supplies, or a few pieces of outdoor furniture.

2. Medium Sheds (8×6 to 10×8 feet) – This is the ‘Goldilocks’ size for many. You get ample storage, can set up a decent-sized workshop, and even carve out a tiny relaxation corner. Ideal for enthusiasts who balance gardening with other shed-based activities.

3. Large Sheds (10×10 feet and more) – For those with expansive gardens or serious workshop aspirations. These sheds can house bigger machinery, have space for larger workbenches, or even accommodate a small gathering of friends.

Material Choices and Their Implications

Your shed’s material affects aesthetics, durability, and maintenance.

1. Wooden Sheds – These offer a timeless, rustic charm. Made from panels of treated timber, they provide insulation and can be painted or stained to match your garden’s theme. However, they do need regular treatments to guard against rot, pests, and weathering.

Our custom built garden shed

2. Metal Sheds – Think security and longevity. They’re tough, resistant to pests, and great for storing valuable equipment. But remember, they can get very hot in summers or cold in winters. Ensure good ventilation and insulation if you’re planning to spend long hours inside.

3. Plastic Sheds – Modern, lightweight, and almost maintenance-free. Made from high-quality resin or vinyl, they resist decay and rot. Their modular nature can make assembly easier, but ensure they’re anchored well, especially in windy areas.

Side note: Where to buy your shed When considering where to buy your garden shed, there are multiple avenues available. Local home improvement or garden centers are often the first port of call, as they allow you to see different models in person and consult with experts on the spot. However, specialized shed companies can offer a wider range of designs, materials, and customization options. Additionally, the digital age brings the convenience of online shopping platforms, where you can browse an expansive variety, read reviews, and sometimes find competitive prices. Regardless of your choice, always research the seller’s reputation, warranties offered, and after-sales service to ensure a smooth purchase and lasting satisfaction.

Roof Types More Than Just a Cover

The roof is a design and functional choice.

1. Apex Roofs – These are the classic V-shaped roofs. They’re excellent for water runoff and give a traditional look.

2. Pent Roofs – These slope in one direction and are versatile. If you’re positioning your shed against a wall or fence, this might be your go-to choice.

3. Flat Roofs – Sleek and modern. However, ensure they have a slight gradient or adequate waterproofing. You don’t want water pooling on top.

Shed Security Peace of Mind

Garden equipment can be expensive. Secure it.

  • Locks – A basic padlock might suffice for most, but consider deadbolts or even alarm systems for added security.
  • Windows – Sheds with windows can be vulnerable. Opt for frosted or shatterproof plastic windows. Alternatively, choose windowless designs or fit metal grilles.

Additional Features and Accessories

To truly make your shed yours, customize it.

1. Shelving and Storage Solutions – Wall-mounted shelves, pegboards, or even loft spaces can maximize storage.

2. Weatherproofing – Especially important for wooden sheds. Use treatments or paints that guard against UV rays, moisture, and pests.

3. Lighting and Electricity – Even if you’re not planning a workshop, having light can be beneficial. Solar-powered lights are a hassle-free choice. For a more permanent solution, consider getting an electric connection.

Preparing the Site

Your shed needs a solid foundation.

1. Level Ground – This is a must. Uneven ground can make assembly challenging and even shorten your shed’s lifespan.

2. Foundations – Concrete slabs provide a solid base. Alternatively, consider paving slabs, wooden platforms, or even gravel.

3. Accessibility – Ensure there’s a clear path to your shed, both for assembly and daily usage.

4. Sunlight and Ventilation – Positioning your shed in a sunny spot can help prevent dampness. If you’re in a particularly rainy area, consider adding guttering to channel rainwater away.

Making the Purchase Factors to Consider

1. Budget – Sheds range from budget-friendly to premium. Factor in not just the upfront cost, but also long-term maintenance.

2. Assembly – Some sheds come pre-assembled, while others might need professional installation. Check if the seller provides this service or consider hiring local help.

3. Warranty and After-sales – A good warranty can save you future headaches. Also, consider brands that offer spare parts or after-sales support.


A garden shed is an investment in your outdoor space. It’s a blend of functionality and aesthetics, a space that can evolve with your gardening journey. Whether you’re looking for a simple storage solution or a multifunctional space, this guide aims to steer you in the right direction. Here’s to finding the perfect shed and many happy hours gardening!