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5 Quick Garden Tasks to Kickstart Your Day

June 14, 2023

Mornings in the Garden

For many of us, mornings can be a rush of activity, a whirlwind of breakfasts, commutes, and checking emails. However, starting your day in the garden can offer you a serene sanctuary, a moment of peace before the day’s demands start calling. Here are five quick tasks you can perform in your garden this morning before work, adding a dash of nature to your routine and ensuring your garden stays well-maintained.

1. Quick Watering

The early morning is the best time to water your plants. At this time, the cooler temperature reduces water evaporation, allowing your plants to absorb the most moisture. A quick run with the watering can or hose ensures your plants are hydrated for the day. Just remember to water the soil, not the leaves, to avoid promoting diseases.

2. Pruning and Deadheading

Morning light is the perfect time to inspect your plants for spent flowers that need deadheading, and leaves or branches that require pruning. By doing so, you encourage plants to focus their energy on new growth. Keep a small basket or a garden bag handy for collecting the clippings.

3. Pest and Disease Inspection

Pests and diseases can wreak havoc on your plants if not caught early. Spend a few minutes examining your plants for signs of damage, such as discolored leaves, spots, or visible pests. If you identify any issues, note them down to deal with after work or during the weekend when you have more time.

4. Harvesting

If you have a vegetable or fruit garden, mornings are an excellent time to harvest your fresh produce. Many fruits and vegetables are at their best when picked in the cool morning hours. Not only will you have the freshest ingredients for your meals, but the act of harvesting is also incredibly satisfying.

5. Enjoy and Plan

Take a moment to enjoy your garden. Sit down with your morning cup of coffee or tea, and soak in the beauty around you. Use this time to plan your future gardening activities. Need to re-pot that overflowing fern? Or perhaps your rose bed needs new mulch? A few moments of observation and reflection can help you prioritize your gardening tasks.

Starting your day in the garden not only helps maintain your garden but also offers you a peaceful routine that connects you with nature. It can be therapeutic, giving you a sense of accomplishment even before your workday begins. So set your alarm a few minutes early and start your day green!

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