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The Best Plants to Sow and Grow in November – Your Ultimate Autumn Gardening Guide

November 4, 2023

What to plant in November.

As the fiery hues of fall take over the landscape and the crisp whispers of the approaching winter begin to echo, November presents itself as a canvas for the gardening artist looking to paint their green spaces with a final stroke of genius before the year’s end. It’s a common misconception that this month signals a halt in the gardening calendar; on the contrary, it offers a multitude of planting prospects. This guide is dedicated to those who believe in the growth and vibrancy of their gardens, even as the days grow shorter. From the last blooms of color to vegetables that shrug off the frost, November’s planting palette is rich and rewarding.

Flowers to Plant in November

The transition from autumn to winter doesn’t mean your garden must lose its luster. Certain blooms not only endure but thrive in the chill of November:

  1. Pansies – These are the resilient gems of the winter garden, capable of bringing a much-needed splash of color to the dreariness of colder days. With their hardy nature and kaleidoscope of available colors, pansies are the ideal choice for a garden that refuses to fade into the gray winter landscape.
  2. Sweet Peas – Delicate in appearance yet surprisingly robust, sweet peas are perfect for the proactive gardener planning for spring’s bounty. Planting them in November gives them ample time to establish themselves, and as the grip of winter loosens, they’ll reward you with their fragrant and colorful blossoms.
  3. Cyclamen – Cyclamen are the unsung heroes of the cool season garden, with their swept-back flowers and patterned foliage. Perfect for cooler climates and shady garden spots, these plants can brighten up your outdoor or even indoor spaces with a sophisticated splash of color ranging from soft whites to deep magentas.

Vegetables to Grow in November

For those who delight in the earthy crunch of homegrown produce, the fading warmth of autumn doesn’t mean the end of the harvest. Here are some robust vegetable options for your garden:

  1. Garlic – With its necessity in myriad culinary dishes, planting garlic now is the start of a journey that culminates in the rich, flavorful bulbs of summer. It requires patience and a long growing season, but the result is worth the wait and will be a staple in your kitchen before you know it.
  2. Broad Beans – Sowing broad beans during this month could not only give you a head start on your spring gardening but could also result in an early harvest, providing fresh, tender beans earlier than usual. They’re one of the stalwarts of the vegetable patch, braving the cold and often snow-covered ground.
  3. Onions and Shallots – There’s a certain gratification that comes with planting these essentials. Onion sets and shallots tucked into the soil now will have all winter to develop their roots, promising you a plentiful harvest that is both practical and rewarding.

Herbs to Cultivate in November

The joy of snipping fresh herbs and adding them to your culinary creations doesn’t have to end with the summer. Here are herbs that can continue to bring flavor to your meals:

  1. Parsley – The vibrant green of parsley can continue to be a kitchen staple even as the winter chill sets in. Planting parsley in containers indoors can not only brighten up your windowsills but also ensure that you have a fresh supply for hearty winter stews and soups.
  2. Chives – The mild, onion-like flavor of chives is a wonderful addition to many dishes, and growing them on your sunny windowsill can bring a hint of summer to your winter kitchen. Their slender, grass-like leaves are as decorative as they are tasty, making them a dual-purpose plant.

Planting Tips for November

The November garden is not without its challenges, and success often comes down to careful planning and protection:

  • Understand your climate. It’s crucial to be aware of your local hardiness zone and select plants accordingly that can survive the winter conditions.
  • Provide adequate protection. Young plants are vulnerable to frost, so employing cloches or garden fleece can provide them with the extra warmth they need.
  • Stay weather-aware. The weather can be unpredictable, so be prepared to act quickly to cover your plants to shield them from an unexpected severe frost.


November’s cool days are more an invitation than a deterrent for the avid gardener. By choosing the right plants for the season, you can extend the life and productivity of your garden well into the winter months. With the garden beds full of potential, it’s time to don those gloves and embrace the unique joys of November gardening.

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