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The Garden Cutters: Know Your Pruners and Shears

July 13, 2023

Bypass? Anvil? Know your Pruners

Maintaining a lush, healthy garden requires not only a green thumb but also the right set of tools. Pruners and shears are among the most essential of these tools, allowing gardeners to keep their plants, trees, and shrubs in optimal health and shape. With a myriad of pruners and shears on the market here is an overview of garden shears and pruners, their unique features, and specific applications.

Anvil Pruner

Much like an anvil, this pruner type has a blade that meets a flat surface. Ideal for deadwood and dried branches, the anvil pruner cuts by crushing the stem, allowing for easier removal. However, it’s not suitable for live plants as the crushing action could cause harm to living tissues.

The Anvil Pruner: Blade to Flat Surface

Fruit Pruner

Designed specifically for fruit-bearing trees, fruit pruners offer sharp, narrow blades to make clean, precise cuts. These pruners help to maintain the health of fruit trees, promote better yields, and avoid unnecessary damage during the pruning process.

Fruit Pruners – Long Snips for Reachhing Stems

Ratchet Pruner

As a subtype of anvil pruners, ratchet pruners come with a unique mechanism that executes the cut in stages, making them easier to use for those with reduced hand strength. While they share the anvil pruner’s knack for deadwood, their user-friendly design makes them popular among a wide range of gardeners.

Bonsai Pruner

Bonsai pruners are crafted for the delicate art of bonsai trimming. They have short, sharp blades that allow for precise cutting to maintain the aesthetics of the miniaturized trees. As bonsai trees require meticulous care, these pruners are essential for any bonsai enthusiast.

Hedge Shears

Hedge shears feature two long, flat blades ideal for trimming and shaping hedges and bushes. The longer handles provide good reach and leverage, making it easier to create a uniform shape across a large plant.

Bypass Lopper

A lopper with bypass action, similar to scissors, is a perfect tool for cutting live branches. The design results in clean cuts and minimal damage to live plants. The long handles of bypass loppers provide better reach and leverage for cutting thicker branches.

Anvil Lopper

Similar to anvil pruners but with longer handles, anvil loppers are designed to handle thick, tough, and dead branches that smaller pruners cannot. These loppers make the task of pruning large shrubs and trees manageable.

Ratchet Lopper

A variation of the anvil lopper, the ratchet lopper cuts in stages, which can be less strenuous on the hands. This feature, coupled with the power of a lopper, makes them a go-to for dealing with large, dead branches.

Swivel Grass Shear

Swivel grass shears feature a rotating blade that allows for vertical and horizontal cutting, making them perfect for trimming and shaping grasses, especially around corners and edges. These shears offer a convenient way to give your lawn a clean, tidy finish.

Electric Pruning Shear

Electric pruning shears are powered tools that can make quick work of branches that manual pruners struggle with. They are beneficial for large gardens and older gardeners who might find manual pruning physically challenging.

Choosing the right pruner or shear is all about understanding your garden’s specific needs. Knowing the differences among the various types can make your gardening work not only more efficient but also more enjoyable. So, keep your garden lush and healthy with the right set of tools, and happy gardening!

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