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5 Things to Do Now In The Garden

October 24, 2020

Fall Tips For An Amazing Spring

Ever been out in the garden and wondered, is there something more I can do now to have a more glorious Spring? I have always loved to see the fruits of my labor, and get a surprise in Spring that was either new or unexpected when it comes to the flower garden. Here are 5 things you can do in the garden now, for an even better garden in Spring:

  1. Collect seeds. Seed collecting is one of the easiest and simplest ways to extend and selectively enhance your garden. Fall is the time to do it, and you can walk through your garden and in minutes have a supply of selected and adored plant seeds for the following season. If you haven’t collected seeds before, with most flowers its simple and fun! You can use our unique seed collecting envelopes to label and store your bounty.
  2. Change the color of your hydrangeas. Here at Celtic Farm, hydrangeas are one of our favorite flowers, and we have had so much fun over the years changing the soil Ph, and seeing the affect on the blossoms. The pinks, blue and purples are just breathtaking. Not all hydrangeas can be altered, and typically your standard pink varieties are the best subjects for experiment. Here is a blog post describing the technique and results: How to Change Hydrangea Color.
  3. Plant fall flower bulbs. Nothing says Spring like the blooming of Daffodils, Tulips and Hyacinth. Their flowers tell us that warmer weather is on the way, and when planted en masse, create a stunning visual in the garden and landscape. (Fall Flower Bulb Collection)
  4. Mark and organize your garden. I am getting old, and do so much planting in fall, if I don’t mark our beds, I typically forget my varieties :). First off, start a journal to log your handy work. These notes will pay dividends, and make sure you know the variety and where you sourced the bulbs and seeds. Secondly, use garden markers to label your planting areas.
  5. Compost your leaves!! It breaks my heart to see piles of leaves on the city streets that are waiting to be taken away. We have found over the years that leaves make the best compost and provide substance and nutrients to the soil. Try my lazy method: I just place layers of leaves over new farm or garden areas and give them a good soaking. When planting time comes, I till them in and create an amazing soil base.

Five quick things to do here in Fall out in the garden. I guarantee you will love the results.

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