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Cottage gardens are our favorite theme when it comes to ideas, planting and design.  Why?  You can’t make mistakes when designing a cottage garden.  There are some simple design principles and overarching themes, but other than that, creating controlled chaos is fun and rewarding.  We have sections of the site devoted to these cottage garden areas:

You can also browse below through any of our tagged articles or pages on the cottage garden topic.

how to start a garden

How to Start a New Garden

Starting a garden from scratch

One of the best parts of owning a home isn’t the inside and its warmth and security; it’s outside, in your own little piece of paradise we call the garden. Here is some advice for those new to gardening, or those looking to enjoy and care for your garden.

It’s common to hear “yard” and “garden” used interchangeably, but the two terms have distinct meanings. A “yard” is the area … Read the rest

delphinium flower seeds

Delphinium Seeds: How to Harvest

Gathering Delphinium Flower Seeds

Who doesn’t love Delphinium, right? These wispy tall growers are a cottage garden essential, and once you plant them, their seed pods create opportunistic growth year after year. But what if you want to collect the delphinium seeds? The plant provides easily harvested seed pods and more than you could plant in any one season. Here is a quick guide to finding the seed pods and storing them.

  1. Look down
Read the rest
raised bed wall materials

Choosing a Raised Bed Material

What Material Should I Use?

This is the second post in a series on raised bed gardens (First post here: Benefits of Raised Garden Beds). The best thing about raised beds is that you can use just about anything for walls. So how do you build garden box walls? Here is a list of the typical materials you can use.

Wood: The Typical Raised Bed

Creating a wooden raised bed is quite simple, and … Read the rest

Cottage Garden Info

Cottage Garden Series: Great Links and Sites

Information About Cottage Garden Design and Ideas for the Cottage Garden

As we build out our picket fence cottage garden and put in a new cottage-themed shed, we have been doing a ton of research on cottage design, cottage ideas and themes. Below are some of the best links we have found for your cottage garden research efforts.

Better Homes and Garden Cottage Garden Post

Designing a Cottage Garden

Wikipedia Cottage Garden

Sunset Magazine Cottage Read the rest

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