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Summer Garden Checklist

august in the garden

A Complete Gardening Checklist for August: Your Guide to a Flourishing Garden

August is a pivotal month for us gardeners. It’s a time when the summer’s heat reaches its peak, and the transition to the autumn months begins. If you’re eager to ensure your garden remains vibrant and productive during this crucial period, follow our comprehensive August gardening checklist.

1. Watering – Beat the Heat!

  • Early Morning Watering: Best time to water to minimize evaporation.
  • Check Soil Moisture: Don’t over-water; use a finger-test to gauge needs.
  • Utilize
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summer in the garden

Summer is Here: Now What? Your Essential Guide to a Thriving Summer Garden

The Summer Garden Checklist

Hello, gardening people!

The joyous warmth of summer has finally arrived, blanketing our landscapes with longer days and an abundance of sunlight. However, this season isn’t just about basking in the sun. It also brings specific challenges to our beloved gardens. So, as we welcome this sunny season, the question on every gardener’s mind is: “Summer is here: Now what?”

No need to worry. We’ve got you covered with tips and … Read the rest

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