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Monthly Garden Checklists

garden checklist for march

The March Garden To Do List

Springtime is almost here.

The March Garden Checklist — March is an exciting time for gardeners as the days become longer, warmer, and the winter chill subsides. To help you get your garden into shape this spring, here’s a checklist of 10 things to do in the garden in March:

  1. Prune shrubs and trees: Pruning is an important part of maintaining a healthy garden. In March, it’s best to prune shrubs and trees before new
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january garden checklist

The January Garden: The Checklist

What to do in the garden in January

As winter sets in, many gardeners put away their tools and wait for the warmer weather of spring. But gardening in January doesn’t have to be a total loss. There are plenty of things you can do to keep your garden healthy and vibrant even in the coldest months. From pruning to pest control, there’s a lot you can do to ensure your garden looks great come … Read the rest

January Winter Garden Checklist

What To Do In The Garden In January

A January Garden Checklist

Looking for a Garden Checklist for January? We are now just two months from Spring, and right now the ground maybe frozen, with snow falling and crisp winter winds blowing through our patch, but the promise of warm growing weather is on the horizon. Here is a “What to do in the Garden in January” list to help guide your time.

  • Take care of your birds in winter, and they will
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