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rotor sprinkler

Sprinklers: The Underground Guide

All you need to know about underground sprinklers

So, you’ve planned out your new sprinkler system, and now you need to decide which sprinkler types to use when installing your underground sprinkler system. Choosing the proper sprinkler heads can save both time and water. This guide will provide you with an overview of the most common sprinkler types and features, and arm you with the knowledge required to properly irrigate.

About Underground Sprinkler Systems

A … Read the rest

drip system compnents

Drip Irrigation Component Names

The Parts of a Good Drip System

Drip irrigation, also known as low-flow irrigation, micro-irrigation, and trickle irrigation, is the slow, metered delivery of water through special watering emitters. A correctly working drip irrigation system conserves water by reducing runoff and evaporation, and delivering the right amount of water at the right time. This kind of irrigation also encourages healthy plant development, inhibits weed growth, and lowers insect issues. Drip irrigation systems may save … Read the rest

drip irrigation tips

Drip Irrigation: 10 Tips for Success

How to make your drip irrigation system a success

Running a flower farm has forced me to learn quite a bit about drip irrigation and watering systems, probably more than I would ever want to know. I thought I’d put together a Drip Irrigation tips post, and hopefully save some poor souls from the mistakes I have made over the years, save some beautiful plants and some money.

Here is my list of Drip Read the rest

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