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garden knee pads

The Garden Kneeler: A Friend in the Garden

Garden Knee Pads, Garden Kneelers and Benches

Spending log hours in the garden is what I love to do, but wet knees covered with dirt and sore knee caps just doesn’t cut it. A garden kneeler can protect your clothes and provide a soft landing in rocky or bark covered gardens. There are a number of products on the market, and depending on your needs, it can be hard to find the right kneeler. Here … Read the rest

Soil types and texture

Soil Type: Knowing This Key to A Healthy Garden

Are you Loamey, Sandy or Clayey?

Knowing your soil type, typically called texture, is a key bit of information any gardener should know and understand. In this post I’ll continue my focus on soil (you can read about soil pH here: Understanding soil pH), and provide some insight into what soil texture means for your garden.

What is Soil Texture?

Soil texture is really a determination of the “grittiness” of your soil, or the … Read the rest

soil ph testing

How To Do a pH Soil Test

Measuring You Soil’s pH

Mother Earth is not always ready to receive your plants, and soil pH and makeup can be the difference between success, mediocre results and failure in the garden. This is the first in a series of posts on soil, and how it is the most important growth factor for healthy plants in your garden and landscape.

What is pH?

Ah, pH brings back memories of high school and chemistry where I … Read the rest

dig up dahlias

Dig Up Dahlias: Why, When,What and How

How To Dig Up Your Beautiful Dahlias

Ok, ok, I have to admit, Dahlias are my favorite flowers in the garden, and I love to dig them up in early to mid-winter. Digging up your dahlias can create a bunch of questions and here are some answers based on our trials and tribulations over the years here at Celtic Farm.

Why do you dig up Dahlia tubers?

Well, the short answer depends on where you … Read the rest

composting. leaves for mulch

Composting Leaves: For Fall Gardeners

Composting Leaves For Your Garden

Composting leaves is a fantastic method to recycle and create an amazing and nutrient rich garden soil amendment that will provide amazing results. The benefits using leaves in your compost are many. The leaf compost provides bulk and increases the porosity of the soil, raises the fertility, diminishes the strain on landfills, and can create a living layer over your plants. Learning how to compost leaves is simple and requires … Read the rest

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