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The Garden Tool Set

April 9, 2021

How to choose the right gardening gift set

It can be confusing…choosing the right set of gardening tools for your self or as a gift. Garden tool sets are aplenty on the internet, and it is ridden with cheap tools, plastic and ones that will rust in a matter of days. So here is a quick guide on choosing the best garden tool set, and making sure you get what you need for those garden tasks.

What is the tool set made of?

The garden is a harsh place for tools, and the combination of sun, water and soil can be relentless on poor quality gardening tools. If you are like me, you are constantly leaving your tools out in the garden. A few days of sun can fade, crack or warp low quality implements. So here are some quick rules:

  • Avoid plastic tool handles – whenever, avoid plastic tools and handles. They are cheap, weak and will usually fade and crack over time.
  • Choose hardwood – hardwoods like beech and ash weather well and can be reconditioned with linseed oil.
  • Stainless is king and queen – whenever possible, choose stainless steel garden tools. They will resist rust.

What garden tools to pick

Trowels, cultivators, shovels, scoops, weeders, hori horis, and the list goes. on and on. How do you pick what garden tool set will fit your needs? It’s best to start with a standard high quality garden set, and grow from there. Here are some garden ideas in the area of tools:

  • For the beginner (or someone who wont spend on themselves) – a nice basic set: a trowel, garden scoop and garden fork .
  • For the flower lover – some great add ons are stainless garden snips for cutting flowers in the garden, or a hori hori as a “jack of all trades” out in the garden.
  • Specialty tools – tools like garden snips are great for flower and herb gardeners as they can clip in tight spaces.
  • Storage and Carrying – for those that have tools a great garden gift idea can be a carrier, apron or gardening tool belt.