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What To Do In The Garden In January

January 9, 2021

A January Garden Checklist

Looking for a Garden Checklist for January? We are now just two months from Spring, and right now the ground maybe frozen, with snow falling and crisp winter winds blowing through our patch, but the promise of warm growing weather is on the horizon. Here is a “What to do in the Garden in January” list to help guide your time.

  • Take care of your birds in winter, and they will take care of you all year. Birds are amazing natural pest control, and can help with grasshoppers, aphids and other painful pests. Putting out seed and treats for them will keep them in the area and they will help you all year.
  • Plan your garden. I love to grab my garden journal, a cup of coffee and head out on the property to plan, sketch and dream. Plan new beds, get rid of old ones and come up with some fresh ideas for the garden in spring.
  • Order bulbs and seeds. The seed companies know you are tucked away in a warm cozy house, dreaming of spring blooms. We usually have no less than 10 catalogs laying about, and order sporadically as we come up with our garden plan.
  • Prune your rose bushes. This is a great time to get out your favorite pruners or garden scissors, and shape your collection of roses while they are still dormant.
  • Prune and shape perennials. If you have not done so, this is the perfect time to trim back and shape those forgotten perennials (like lavender). Be sure not to go down to the old woody growth. This will provide for amazing growth in spring.
  • Prune fruit trees. – Winter is a great time to. prune and shape your pear and apple trees.
  • Prep new beds and amend old ones. – Here in California, the ground is warm enough to work in amendments and prep new beds for planting. Adding mulch, fresh compost and the like and covering with straw can help create a warm and plentiful environment for worms and smaller helpful critters.
  • SHOP!! – While seeds and bulbs are fun to buy, we love to buy new garden tools, gadgets and aprons/apparel to give us something to look forward to in spring. You can browse our garden item and gardening gift selection for you or someone you love.