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How to plant bulbs

The Bulb Planter

Q&A about the best bulb planting tool for your garden.

Planting bulbs can be a laborious task at best, and having the right bulb planting tool can help in the process. But with a handful of different tools on the market, how do you pick the right tool for you? Well, it depends. Bulb planting can consists of different seasons, different bulbs and different soil types. Whether you are a spring bulb planter, or a fall bulb planter, whether you are a tulip bulb planter, or planting any broad variety of bulbs, one size may not fit all. Here is a quick overview of all the bulb planters, strengths and weaknesses, and when to use them.

The Dibber (Or Dibbler)

The Dibber (Or Dibbler)

Ah, the good ol’ dibbler. If you are interested in the history of the dibbler as a bulb planting tool, you can read an article here: Dibbler Bulb Planting Tool. Essentially this tool has been used for planting bulbs and seeds for centuries. The modern day dibble for bulbs is hand turned of a hardwood (maple is the best), and has a thick lower body for a larger hole for the bulb to drop. It has a handle, and measurement marcks so you can plant your bulbs at the right depth. The flat tips helps for soil contact for the bulb. Our handheld bulb planting tool, Dibbler, is made for loose soil, and provides a great way to plant both fall and spring bulbs like tulips, daffodils, crocus and much more.

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The Auger

The Auger

I guess I am a traditionalist in the garden, but taking a drill with this on the end of it…well, seems a bit excessive. Some folks swear by this tool for planting bulbs in the garden. I have never used one, but I would think it would get heavy during planting more than a handful of bulbs, especially in harder soil.

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Metal Bulb Planter (Scooper)

Metal Bulb Planter (Scooper)

This metal bulb digging tool essentially takes a quick twist, and extracts a soil plug and leaves a hole for planting your bulb. It works well, but you have to shake out the soil typically, and it is hard to get into packed soil. It can be useful, as you can usually put the hative soil right back into the hole once the bulb is planted. Beware of these, they are usually made of cheap metal and bend easily. If you can find a good solid one, it will last you.

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Garden Tool Gifts

Best Tools For the Garden

Two Garden Tool Items I Can’t Do Without

We’ve been doing a lot lately on the farm to get ready for another growing season, and have several garden and farm projects in the works, including: new irrigation system, a lavender field, new growing beds, refreshing beds in our home garden, an English garden and much more (yes I am tired 😉 ). There are two tools that are irreplaceable in our day to day efforts: The Hori Hori and the Dibber.

Let’s start with the Hori Hori. This is one of my favorite tools out in the fields. I’ll give you a quick summary of how I used this Japanese Garden Knife and Tool out on the property yesterday:

  • Cutting through stubborn roots while digging an irrigation ditch.
  • Digging out a sprinkler riser to replace
  • To put soil into a new pot
  • To cut lengths of drip line for a new irrigation zone
  • Cutting through landscape fabric for planting
  • As a garden trowel
  • To remove some stubborn weeds in the gravel driveway

The Hori Hori is really the Garden Samurai (You can read more here: Hori Hori Garden Tool), and a garden tool I wont leave in the shed.

Second on the list is one of my new favorites, the Garden Dibber or Dibble. This tool has been around since man started farming, and is essentially a tool for seed and bulb planting. It essentially provides a simple way to drill holes in your soil with minimal effort. Today, as I go out to plant, here is how I will use this unique garden tool:

  • To plant some new Ranunculus bulbs we just received (as a bulb planter)
  • To poke some irrigation holes around newly planted trees
  • To make holes in some new ground cover
  • As a seed starter to open up soil for new seed

This garden tool is light and simple to use and makes little effort out of starting you new plants in any type of soil.

You can find both of these in our shop, Gifts for the Gardener.

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